dell_logoAre you using a Dell laptop? If you are using a Dell laptop, you know very well that touchpad is used in these laptops for controlling the mouse. This pad is very sensitive to finger movements and you should delicately touch this pad for moving the cursor. The mouse cursor moves along with your finger movement. However, this movement cannot be very fast when this touchpad is not clean. Dirty touchpad can give you a lot of frustrations while working.

If you wish to have accurate and smooth functioning of your laptop mouse, you should keep the touchpad clean and free from dust and dirt. Laptop repair and Dell support services are there to advise you on how to clean your laptop mouse touchpad.

Firstly, power off your laptop as you may use water and using water on some electrical machine by keeping it on, is not at all a wise decision.

Secondly, take a damp cloth and rub the touchpad. Like other PC users, you must also be having the habit of carrying eatables while working on the laptop. So, there is a possibility that you can see some stains on the touchpad. Rub with pressure, if you can see such stains.

Thirdly, allow your laptop’s touchpad to completely dry up. You cannot work with it when it is wet.

Lastly, once you see that the touchpad is dry, switch on your Dell laptop.