How can you configure Linksys router for a repeater?

Do you like to connect multiple computer systems to a single network? What can be a better option than using a wireless router? Linksys routers are the first choice of the PC users who wish to connect a number of PCs with the same internet connection. With Linksys routers you can share files among the computers under the same network.

Want to have further wireless signal across the room? If you desire to have wireless signal over different rooms, you have to configure your router with the repeater. Access point and Linksys routers have this feature of configuration in the setup menus. You can know about this router and its configuration from the Linksys support service providers.
Configuring the router with the repeater will extend the signal range farther. How to go about with this configuration? Here it is:

Step 1 : Get access to a computer connected with a Linksys device.
Step 2 : Open a browser and visit the setup page of Linksys device at
Step 3 : Type in the password and username for Linksys and select ‘Log in’.
Step 4 : Go to ‘Status’ tab and click on ‘Wireless’ link.
Step 5 : In the ‘MAC address’ type in 12 numbers and letters and browse to the Setup tab.
Step 6 : Click on ‘AP Mode’ under Setup heading.
Step 7 : Click on ‘Wireless Repeater’ and type in the MAC address you have previously inserted.
Step 8 : When you are done, click on Save Settings and the configuration of the device is completed.

If you are unable to go with the Router configuration for repeater, you should seek the best online service providers.