Would you like to copy files from an SD card to your computer and thinking how to perform this task? The process is very easy. SD cards are simple storage devices that are used to store music, photos, documents and videos. Sometimes, we need to copy files from an SD media card to computer to back up digital contents like photographs, music, videos, or other data. Given below are the steps to perform this task.

•  Step 1: Insert the SD media card into your PC’s SD card slot or card reader.

•  Step 2: Open My Computer and look at the list of drives on your computer, it will display the SD card as a different drive.

•  Step 3: Double-click on the SD card drive to open it.

•  Step 4: This will display the folders on your SD card. To see the contents in the folder double-click on the folders.

•  Step 5: Now you have to select the pictures, songs or other contents that you want to copy.

•  Step 6: Select the files by pressing down ‘Ctrl’ key.

•  Step 7: Once all the required files are selected press ‘Ctrl+C’ to copy.

•  Step 8: Go to the destination in your computer where you want to save your files.

•  Step 9: Press ‘Ctrl+V’ and all the files from your SD media card will be copied to your chosen location on your PC.

•  Step 10: Once it is done, you can now access them from your computer.

If you need help to perform this task, talk to an online technical support provider.