Do you wish to delete keystroke records from your computer so that any surveillance software can’t track your key movements? Are you sure about removing keystroke records but unsure how to do it? Clearing keystroke records would not only allow you to keep your key movement confidential but it would also free up a considerable amount of hard drive space.

The method of clearing the keystroke records comprises of some basic measures but if you have any doubt, consulting a computer technical support specialist is always an easy alternative.

However, in order to remove the keystroke records, you might need an administrator password so that you are able to access the relevant applications. So, before proceeding with the method, it is important that you have the account details.

Undertake the following steps to successfully delete the keystroke records from your computer.

  • Choose the Start menu and go to ‘Computer.’ Through this option, you can access all the programs which are stored in the system.
  • Find the administrative folder for the application that saves the keystroke records. It is probable that the folder is saved in an uncommon name by the software’s administrator.
  • Choose the keystroke files that you wish to discard and then hit the Delete button. In this step, you might have to feed the administrator’s password before removing the keystroke files.
  • Shut the window.
  • Click on the Recycle Bin. Remove the keystroke files from this folder to completely eliminate the records from your computer’s hard drive.

If you do not want anybody to keep a track of your activity on the PC, deleting the keystroke record should be your primary concern. For any confusion, feel free to take online tech support right away!