Erase Everything on your PC

Erase Everything on your PCDo you want to give your PC to someone else, or planning to sell it? Whatever your plan is, you must erase all your personal information before doing it. Don’t know how to erase everything on a computer? In this article you will find step-by-step solution on how to perform this task. You can try reformatting the hard drive as it deletes everything. Consult a Windows repair service provider for help.

Before formatting the hard drive, you should back up your personal data on external storage media. Note that after formatting, all data will be deleted from your PC. Let’s take a look at the steps below.

•    Step 1: Click on “Start” and then “Shut Down“.

•    Step 2: Select “Restart in MS-DOS mode” from the drop-down list and select “OK”.

•    Step 3: Once the PC restarts, the command prompt C:\Windows> will appear.

•    Step 4: You need to type “CD\” at the command prompt and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. This will change the command prompt to C:\>.

•    Step 5: Now type “format c:” and then press “Enter“.

•    Step 6: Hit the “Y” key to begin formatting your hard drive.

•    Step 7: When prompted enter a volume label and then press “Enter” to assign the default name.

Following the aforementioned steps you can easily erase all information stored on C:\> drive.