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There is a perception that MAC computers are virus free and hence are very safe, but this is nothing but a myth.

We all know that there very limited MAC users as compared to Windows. For this simple reason very few malware were written for Mac systems since it was not very feasible. Therefore this myth of MAC safety grew which is very misleading and dangerous.

Tech support,computer support

Apple does release security patches as often as Microsoft does but it is not as well publicized and as it is Apple that does not emphasize too much on security these days.

Now the world has changed. While Mac computers are still relatively rare the iPhone and iPad have changed the situation and Apple-worth more on the market than Microsoft now is a major player in the computer industry once again. And so the hackers have come out to play.

A few weeks back the iPad hack is probably just the start and now security has become a major concern for Apple.

Neither the official iPhone nor iPad websites mention security, nor do Apple’s computer-focused sites say only that MAC don’t get PC viruses, mentioning nothing of malware coded especially for the platform.

Its time that Apple wakes up to the security threat and updates the users about it so as to prevent threats like the iPad hack.