Mozilla Released Android Browser

Get ready to taste the old flavor on new tray. Firefox is all set to come into your Android set. According to recent report, Mozilla released an early build of its mobile browser edition, specially designed for android phones. As Mozilla officials stated, it’s now in pre-alpha state, which means the functionalities are still under development and pretty far from released as a final product.

According to tech support analysts, the Firefox application set is not a complete representation of the most adored Android features. It is “rough but promising” and missing a significant deal of functionality. However, let’s focus on what the Firefox does have in offer at Android platform.

Here the Firefox holds its typical characteristic of handling multiple tabs at one go. It will present a vertical tab panel listing the tabs you have opened. Tiny thumbnails of web pages will appear to take you to the respective pages in seconds. An icon has given to the bottom panel to open a new tab.

Firefox add-ons are present on Android browsing as well. Around a hundred mobile-specific add-ons are already available to download and the number is likely to increase with the development process. Talk to our technicians to know about latest Mozilla applications and their usability options.

Well, it is hard to say the actual browsing experience yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.