Computer mouse is an indispensible peripheral device. It becomes very annoying; if you face a trouble with this mouse. Computer mouse frequently gets damaged especially those with a USB cable. USB mouse starts malfunctioning when dust accumulates in its parts. On the other hand, if the mouse gets sticky then you need to clean it up.

Computer repair services can provide you variety of tips for effective cleaning of your mouse. If the mouse is a roller mouse then you have to open it for starting the cleaning process. Take a cotton swab and then dipping it in alcohol clean off the dusts. Then wait for a while until the mouse gets dried.

Another issue that can arise is with the mouse pointer – it can become slow and too sensitive. The following steps can resolve the issue.

Step 1 : Click on Start and then on Control Panel
Step 2 : Now select the Pointer Options tab
Step 3 : On the first part of the box you will find the option of ‘’select a pointer speed’’, here you need to adjust the speed of tracking.

Online computer repair companies are able to provide you fast and quick solutions regarding fixing a USB mouse problem. You might find at times that the mouse cursor is not moving according to your command. Do you know why? This is because that a part of your computer mouse is broken.

The only alternative for mending this is issue left to you is replacing the broken part. In case you find that your PC mouse is completely broken, replace it right away. Several professionals support services are there for your help.