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Viruses are small software programs that invade your PC and stop your computer to perform at its best. Apart from making the system unresponsive, viruses may also slow down the PC and delete or corrupt important files. As use of internet has become very common in today's world, it has also augmented chance of virus attack. How to fix virus related problems is the prime concern to the computer users worldwide. Here MTSS comes into the picture! We fix computer virus issues with the latest technology and protect your PC against viruses.

At MTSS we have Microsoft Certified technicians who offer complete technical support to fix virus problems. Our computer virus protection service is available round the clock and you can avail it from anywhere. Opt for our computer virus removal service and rest assured that your PC is protected. We will set-up and install the latest antivirus software on your computer and schedule automated virus, spyware and adware scans. Services also include optimizing the firewall settings to shield your computer from viruses and other malicious objects.

Our Services Include

  • »  Comprehensive support to fix virus related issues
  • »  Firewall configuration and security settings for your PC protection
  • »  Antivirus installation and configuration
  • »  Scheduling automated tasks for virus scanning, detection and removal
  • »  Regular PC security check to counter latest threats


Reasons to Choose MTSS

  • »  24/7 support from Microsoft certified expert technicians
  • »  Assistance through internet and phone
  • »  Complete solution for all PC issues
  • »  Useful software programs absolutely free with every plan
  • »  Technical Support to make PC perform at its best
  • »  Reasonably priced tech support plans

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Our Microsoft Certified engineers are available round the clock via chat, email and phone. They securely connect to your computer through internet and get the issues resolved in minutes.
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You can save a considerable amount on recurring computer support and maintenance. We have structured four tech support model keeping your specific needs and budget in mind.
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Instant support is just another key feature of our service. We have simplified the life of computer users staying consistently beside them.
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Above all, we hold a strong privacy policy to render tech support assistance with utmost reliability. We carefully deal with your personal details for remote servicing and payment transactions.